Strengthening Today; Building Tomorrow Conference on January 28 and 29th, 2016

Before registering, choose one (1) workshop from each session (A,B,C).  Session A and B occur Day 1 and Session C occurs Day 2. 

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2020 ALIGN Program

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Day 1
30 Jan 2020

Day 1: Registration & Hot Breakfast


Day 1: Welcome

A1: For the Love of Family

Exploring the Intricacies of Kinship; Defining Kinship Care, Differences between Foster care and Kinship Care, Understanding the Motivation behind Kinship Families, Emotional Issues of Providing Kinship Care, Role Changes and the...
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A2: The Brain, Body and Behavior Connection

In this workshop, participants will have the opportunity to learn about brain and body functions through brain games that are designed to encourage understanding, create empathy and explore strategies related...
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A3: Rediscovering Self-Care for the Caregiver

People who care have many names: spouse, friend, neighbor, parent, or child – the list goes on. Caregivers are individuals who provide unpaid care or support for a friend or...
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A4: Exploring the Escalating Risk for Child Welfare Graduates with Recurring Street-Involvement

Graduates of child welfare who live on the street are a high risk population. More than 50% of street-involved youth report previous street-involvement in a recent survey of 344 street...
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A5: Practice as Ceremony.

This will be on the topic of re-connecting to our spirit. The presentation will also be on the importance of circles and ceremony. The audience will participate in ceremony from...
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A6: Risk Management for Non-Profit Boards

Boards of non-profit organizations are responsible and potentially liable for the actions and activities of the organization and virtually every organization undertakes activities with inherent risk and liabilities. In this...
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A7: Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Impact on Community Services

This presentation is designed to provide introductory level information on the disability of Fetal alcohol Spectrum Disorder. It will then go into discussions about the prevalence of FASD in our...
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Day 1: Morning Break

B1: Attune, Attend, Align: Developing Connection and Attachment with our Children, Youth, and their Natural Supports.

In order to truly provide therapeutic care, we must learn to Attune to what is happening in and around us, attend to what the needs are, and work to align...
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B2: Fathers Moving Forward – Reducing the risk of child maltreatment and Intimate Partner Violence while targeting Young Fathers.

This workshop will present the results of a 3 year research project that has worked with Young Fathers who are connected with Louise Dean Centre (LDC) to reduce the risk...
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B3: Social Return on Engagement(TM); how to use engagement as a tool and an outcome

Engagement is an essential part of working with children, youth and families to strengthen their futures. In the social service sector, it is critical to achieving outcomes for funders and...
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B4: Examining Outcomes for Single-Session, Walk-in Counselling at the Eastside Family Centre in 2019

The Eastside Family Centre began in 1990 in an ethnically diverse, high-density, lower socio-economic area of Calgary and provides walk-in single-session counselling to individuals, couples, families, children & youth at...
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B5: Effective Meetings: The Art of Time Well spent

Have you ever left a meeting and thought to yourself, “Why did we meet, anyway?”.  Learn the ingredients of effective meetings and leave with tips and resources to help your...
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B6: Doing the right thing when no one is looking: The politics of Reconciliation

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission report (2015) has issued several national Calls to Action directed at all social and cultural institutions with a particular emphasis on redressing the colonial violence...
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B7: Creating Placement Stability – FASD

Children, adolescents and adults with FASD have an increased risk placement disruption. Disrupted experiences often lead to devastating outcomes, placement disruption, substance use/abuse patterns, mental health challenges, homelessness and poor...
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Day 1 Hot Lunch

Keynote: Collaboration for Success

Now more than ever the skill of collaboration is required for non-profit organizations, charities and associations to build capacity, increase sustainability and revenue and create impact. Collaboration is also a...
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Charmaine Hammond
Day 2
31 Jan 2020

Day 2: Registration and Hot Breakfast

Keynote: Humans of Edmonton Experience

Humans of Edmonton Experience was founded by Jerry Cordeiro in 2014 on the principle that homeless people have the same rights and the same respect no matter their colour, race,...
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Jerry Cordeiro

Day 2: Morning Break

C2: Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Adolescent Parents: A study in Integrated Youth Services.

There is much research indicating a need for youth mental health services to be provided in a way that is integrated in to the supports they receive from the community....
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C3: Alberta’s FASD Workforce Development Plan

This presentation will focus on how the Alberta Government and Canada FASD Research Network worked together to develop a framework to train everyone in Alberta who will encounter someone with...
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C4: Incorporating Treatment Initiatives into the School Setting to Increase Educational and Vocational Success

In the 2018-2019 school year, at George Wood Learning Centre, staff from Wood’s Homes and the Calgary Board of Education piloted a group with a specific focus to enhance social-emotional...
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C5: Our stories matter

Often, our personal stories and experiences can be what invites our clients to relate to us and to feel comfortable sharing their own experiences. At The Children’s Link Society we...
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C6: Creating Vibrant, Inclusive and Connected Neighbourhoods

The City of Edmonton has invested in creating vibrant, inclusive and connected neighbourhoods, encouraging citizen-led community development and recreation. The City employs over 50 Community Building professionals who use Abundant...
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C7: World Cafe: Opioids and Substance Use Awareness

The “World Café” is a structured conversation intended to facilitate open and intimate discussion. This will help to link ideas within a larger group to access the “collective intelligence” in...
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Presentation and Entertainment by Lady Tenderflake & Christy Heely

An inside look into Edmonton’s LGBTQ2Spirit Community
Christy Heely
Lady Tenderflake

Day 2: Hot Lunch


Day 2: Door Prizes and Closing